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What is Unconditional Health?

Unconditional Health takes the view that:

  • Genuine health and well-being is unconditional and inherent to human beings, no matter what circumstances befall us. 
  • Health is not simply the absence of disease, nor is it only about curing or fixing any particular ailment that befalls us.  Real health also includes mental, emotional and spiritual well-being as well. 
  • Our physical health is but a small piece of the puzzle of who we are - illness or loss does not define us.

Unconditional health is marked by a sense of feeling grounded, a synchronized balance of body and mind, and a deep sense of worthiness as a human being.  These are all elements that can serve as a source of aspiration and achievement, even in the face of serious difficulties in our life.


What is Unconditional Healing?

Unconditional Healing is the practice of using illness (or other type of significant adversity) as a means to discover who we truly are. Unconditional Healing views chaos and pain as an opportunity rather than a calamity, because it awakens us, and brings a sense of urgency and focus to our lives. It helps us discriminate the essential from the superficial. Every human being is subject to experiencing painful situations.  When we deny that, when we act as if our current difficulty is a mistake, we immediately make a bad situation worse, increase our own suffering, and make healing more difficult.   We needn’t lose heart when illness or loss visits us, but we can use it to take stock of our life and as the impetus to ask fundamental questions about what it means to be a human being.

Throughout this exploration, fueled by our courage and curiosity, and supported by mindfulness and other healing practices, we may discover aspects of our being that have been covered up or ignored.  If we are willing to look closely at ourselves at these times of feeling most vulnerable and open,  we may find that our inherent goodness and tenderness awaken and deepen in the midst of our predicament.  In other words, illness and other painful situations can serve as a doorway into who we truly are, and an entirely different way of viewing ourselves and the world.  This is the path of  healing that we will explore together on this site.



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