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           Pain is inevitable, Suffering is not


The unconditional healing teachings proclaim that severe adversity can be used to discover one's own inner presence, well-being, and resiliency.  For those desiring a private meeting, Jeff offers video-based "one-to-one" meetings. Jeff is neither a therapist nor a spiritual guru,  but as a long-standing Buddhist teacher and meditation instructor, he has guided people on their spiritual path for decades, especially those experiencing serious adverse circumstances in their life, as he himself has.


This work is based on Jeff's more than thirty-five years as a Buddhist practitioner and teacher, and his own challenge with chronic illness.

These sessions address what is needed for your own particular situation, but topics you could explore with Jeff include:


  • Viewing pain, adversity, and chaos as one's spiritual path

  • Integrating Unconditional Healing principles into your life

  • For practitioners: personalized meditation instruction

  • Working skillfully with negative thoughts and emotions

  • Overcoming the destructive obsession to “fix” ourselves

  • Working with others' suffering in a balanced way - especially relevant for caregivers

  • Practicing when bedridden

I meet with people privately for a variety of reasons - for support during a crisis of health or life circumstances, to explore Unconditional Healing teachings, and for meditation practitioners, to provide meditation instruction and guidance on the path.

Sessions are conducted via a video call or phone call, and typically last 30-45 minutes. I meet with individuals for no charge but cheerfully receive teaching gifts known as Dana.  In the ancient Buddhist tradition of Dana (pronounced DAH-nuh), one makes an offering when receiving teachings. Your offering manifests the blessings of generosity (lessening ego-attachment, fostering a sense of abundance, increasing spiritual merit) and my receiving allows the teacher to devote time and energy to practice and share dharma teachings. You may make an offering via PayPal or via Venmo, where my username is @Jeff-Rubin-7. If a financial offering is not possible, one’s wish to do so also invokes the virtuous cycle of exchange.



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