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           Pain is inevitable, Suffering is not


The unconditional healing teachings proclaim that severe adversity can be used to discover one's own inner presence, well-being, and resiliency.  For those desiring a private consultation, Jeff is now offering video-based "one to one" meetings. Jeff is neither a therapist nor a spiritual guru,  but as a senior Buddhist teacher and meditation instructor,  he has guided people on their spiritual path for decades, especially those experiencing serious adverse circumstances in their life, as he himself has.


This work is based on Jeff's more than thirty-five years as a Buddhist practitioner and teacher, and his own challenge with chronic illness.

These sessions address what is needed for your own particular situation, but topics you could explore with Jeff include:


  • Viewing pain, adversity and chaos as one's spiritual path

  • Integrating Unconditional Healing principles into your life

  • How to reduce one’s suffering

  • Personalized meditation instruction

  • Working skillfully with negative thoughts and emotions

  • Overcoming antiquated myths about healing

  • How to work with the often maddening medical system

  • Working with grief

  • Overcoming the destructive obsession to “fix” ourselves

  • Working with others' suffering in a balanced way - especially relevant for caregivers

  • Practicing when bedridden

  • Recommended study and readings

Sessions are conducted via a video call or phone call. 

Rates are only $60.00 for a 60 min. session. 

Please contact Jeff at to inquire further, or use our online calendar to schedule an appointment.  


Schedule a free 20 minute consult to see if it's a fit for you. 

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