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           Pain is inevitable, Suffering is not


In the Unconditional Healing approach, support and community play a huge role in getting us back on track. We NEED others to acknowledge and listen to us without judgment, and that seemingly small act can go a long way toward breaking the vicious cycle of isolation, discouragement, and feeling stigmatized. It allows fresh air in and also allows us to experience our own pain without a self-critical filter, maybe for the first time. On this journey, the vehicle we use to bring people together in this unique way is known as the Healing Circle.  A Healing Circle is ostensibly a support group, but one that provides two very specific objectives:   

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Support and a Sense of Community

One goal is to provide support and reassurance to folks that are often experiencing immense suffering due to illness or difficulties in their life. While the Healing Circle does not focus on any particular illness or difficulty, we have found that all people suffer in similar ways.  This often manifests as trauma, and feeling isolated, depressed and stigmatized. Truth be told, the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of illness, pain, and loss are often more problematic than the physical aspects.


However, through the simple act of gathering together in a safe and confidential setting,  and sharing our feelings with others who are non-judgmental and caring, we can discover new ways of viewing our situation. At a Healing Circle, we can be ourselves without holding back, which is not always the case with our friends and colleagues. Sharing our experience with others in this way is the best antidote to feeling isolated and singled out.

Reinforcing the View of Unconditional Health

The second objective of the Healing Circle is to challenge the beliefs that we hold about the nature of health and well-being and to transform our relationship to pain and discomfort. We often get stuck on equating health and happiness with the absence or eradication of any disease, difficulty, or disappointment in our lives.  Not only is this belief impossible to achieve and maintain, but it completely falls apart when we encounter something that can’t immediately (or ever) be cured or fixed.


In truth, genuine health and well-being are unconditional and inherent to human beings, no matter what circumstances befall us.  Health is not simply the absence of disease, and it is only partially about curing or fixing any particular ailment or setback that befalls us. Genuine health includes our mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions as well, and how we manage those when life hands us what we don’t want nor expect.









Currently, since Covid, there are virtual (online) Healing Circles being offered twice per month on Saturdays. 

Now offering Virtual Healing Circles

We are now offering online Healing Circles that take place via the Zoom platform on any device. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.  These free online meetings are a new way of experiencing the mutual support and learning that takes place at an in-person Healing Circle. Everyone is able to see and hear everyone else on their screen and share their experience. All you need is a connection to the internet and a laptop, tablet, or phone to participate. Anyone can join in, there are no prerequisites. 

The virtual meetings are free but you must Register here.

For security purposes, we use fresh Zoom links for each session and include them in our newsletter. To receive the newsletter and the registration link regularly,  please join our mailing list by clicking HERE or on the "Subscribe to our Mailing List" button at the bottom of any page. Thank you.


Healing Circle meetings always include meditation practice, and may also include teachings, group discussions, contemplation practice, as well as the opportunity to share our hopes, fears, confusion and wisdom in a safe, confidential environment. Please note sharing is always voluntary.

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