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           Pain is inevitable
Suffering is not  

Whether you're dealing with an acute or chronic illness, loss of a loved one, dissolution of a relationship, job loss, or any other circumstance that is turning your world upside down...

Unconditional Healing can help in three ways:

our approach


private consultations

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Health is more than the absence of any physical issue or obstacle in our life.  When we become ill, or lose our job, or get dumped by our partner, we needn't let that define our sense of health and well-being. If you'd like to learn of a more expansive view of healthiness that includes every aspect of your being, then please continue reading.  

support group

When we are hurting, whether through illness, disability, loss of livelihood, or any other setback that turns our world upside down, we typically feel isolated and stigmatized. We might even deny our feelings, and blame ourselves for our problem.


This is especially true in our independent culture where we’re “supposed” to be able to handle everything on our own.  Invariably, our isolation and self-blame makes things worse. 

hand holding dirt

When pain, adversity and chaos enters our life, it can feel tremendously disorienting as our identity, our sense of who we are, is called into question. However painful, this also brings an opportunity for a fresh start in every aspect of our being. Jeff is now offering private consultations for those experiencing such a moment in their lives.


Grant your blessing that I remain gentle, awake and strong in the midst of pain.

May I see beyond my own pain and become a beacon to others who are suffering.

May I utilize illness and adversity to develop my mind and heart, and realize my true character.

May I manifest compassion and fearlessness in all my activities,

And never waver on the path of unconditional health and well-being.  


Unconditional healing is exactly the piece of the puzzle that I needed to understand to truly take the next step of my healing journey. The concepts of unconditional healing are so incredible and valid, and quite simple to understand as a beginner to any of these ideas.

-- Shoshana T.

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